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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 30, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> i want to see leslie oath em, jr. >> yes? >> i think yaz is going to be singing. >> from empire, of course, he raps. >> and a tribute to tsop. >> that is what i am -- oh, yes, gem recall and huff the o.j.'s. >> the intruders, harold melvin and the blue note. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the show karen lou ann hepp. >> ♪ i love you babe.
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>> y? casino every music. >> as long as it is grooving. >> i also like love train. >> milky way? >> i love you. >> good day. >> ♪ i love music. >> any casino of music ♪ >> it is june 30th, 2016. >> all right, what do you think about this? big changes coming to the miss teen usa competition, no more bikinis. why officials are making the decision to cover these young ladies up. okay? i think it is a good move. >> and it is time for another alex around town. >> where are you going? >> this one little different, dating edition of alex around town. this is what's interesting. mike, you help me out with this one, you told me you were going to set me up on a date. a problem, i need a date to dot segment many we'll finds out who make set me one. >> i think you'll like this guy. quite attractive. >> okay? >> very intelligent.
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and a good kisser. >> how did you find out he was a good kisser? >> i've heard. >> oh, okay. so finds out who mike sets me up with. and it will be a great date idea. >> over in center sit. >> i it is in center sit. >> i okay. >> but i'm all around town. >> hi, karen? hi, and also we want to save you some money. how about designer duds for discount prices in this is great. we'll have a contest, play along with us at home. local place, just opening up, that you need to hear b so we will put you to the test. can you spot what's new or just new to you? stuff gently used or brand new? and we will do it, and these models look fabulous. >> here is the deal. you and i will have these cards, a, and b. so, is it used? these young will come out, have clothes on, is that outfit -- they have clothes on. is that outfit gently used, or is that absolutely brand new? can a male eye spot it over a female eye? >> we'll do it, put it to the
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test. >> all right i. >> you know it is a new time for women out there specially in the date dating wormed, more independent, make more money. >> yes, okay, so, we have the power, right, more than any other time in history. but the question remains, should a woman's most bold move take a back seat when it comes to looking for a man? >> here we go. is it okay to ask men out on a first date? >> basically, yes. >> let's talk about naomi watts. see her? her partner lee shriber. if naomi hadn't made the first move, well, they probably would not be together. the parents of two, by the way, might not be together at all. they wouldn't have the kids. see, in 2005, 11 years ago, was attending the mets gala in new york city, when he spotted name owe i was. she asked him what he was doing later. would you like to go get a cocktail after the gala?
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suggesting, that maybe after that, they could go out dancing. so, from that one move, the rest is history, or should i say, herstroy. >> you know i approached my husband. i approached my husband. i think sometimes when you know this guy is really cute and you can just play it cool, let the moment past, waste the biggest opportunity in your life -- >> mike looking at me because i am the biggest chicken. >> that's right. >> i'm terrible approaching guys, i don't know what to say, i'm awkward. >> okay. so, two things here, we will set up how that happened with brian. >> yes. >> let's go back to you, we were at an event, and you saw guy across the room said oh, my gosh, he is really cute. >> uh-huh. this was like a year ago. >> go over and talk to him. >> , no i can't. >> i'm like i can't, what do i say, no, i can't. you do it. >> so she sent me to do your dirty work. >> which is terrible because when guys do it i don't like that, so it was wrong of me to do. that will but were you like no, i'll just introduce
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myself. no, no, i got this. i got this. >> avalon, 14 years ago, avalon, a saturday night. pack. the place is pack. what's the name of the place. >> the winds drift. >> and there he is, there is your husband, across, soon to be husband, across the room. it is closing time. and what did you do? >> well, all night long i had been seeing him, thought he was so cute. did i send over emsary, a friends. >> just checking him out? >> i just wasn't go, you know, like you know when someone is interested in you and making
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eyes? >> you are he ' looking at them. >> then it came time to go home. and he hadn't come over. it was like do i just, you know, aid whole group of people with me, so the point is i went over, all do you have say is high, i'm karen. >> he said hi, i'm brian. and then what? we talked, talked. >> that was opening line, high. >> high. >> you make it -- >> did you make out, anything? >> oh! >> oh! >> not right then. not right then. there was kissing later, but not then. >> that night? >> what do you mean? what are you waiting for? >> oh, okay, karen hepp. >> if you like somebody, and there is an attraction? what, like 1:00 in. >> at that point we went to another place. >> oh, whose place? >> you know, another, we all went, this big group, we all went there, then time to drive everybody home to where ever their silly houses were down there, all the way to up ocean sit, back again. >> there he is? >> oh, there he is,. >> from an event we did, whatever sometime this fall. >> so started with the hey and
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ended with a kiss. >> and at the end of the night -- >> this one, hon. >> i so in the first hour of knowing him? >> no, no, many hours later, probably five hours later. >> okay. >> but there was no, you know, wasn't -- >> were you wearing this top? never mind. okay, is this the same topic for quincy and yen fred? >> yes, jen, with your personality, it seems to me that you have made the first move at some point in your life? >> no way. no way. no. no, no thank you, heck to the no to the no-no, my name is no, my number is no. >> doctor know? >> megan trainer. >> so bad. ya, no. when i met steve frederick, who i am now married to, for now, until he gets rid of me, he asked me to give him my phone number. and i had met him that night also in a bar, common theme
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here. i said no, i don't know you. i'm not giving you my phone number. and then his sister asked me for my phone number because she wanted to hang out. i was like okay. so, of course, she gave him my phone number. but not only would i not make the first move, i'm not willie philly free will which my digits either. no. >> so man's perspective, who do we turn to? quincy, when a woman comes to you and makes the first move. >> when he was single. >> when you were single. how do you react? do you like it or not? >> i loved it. you know, this is the real issue, michael. please tell women to do everything. we say, hey, we want you to go after your dreams, we want you to go get that job. we want you to go get the best thing, we want you to be the boss. but when it comes to, you know, relationships, and love, it is like we want you to be submissive. no, go after what you want. if you see a guy you like, tell him. just say hey, just because i'm asking you out, or hey i want
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to go get a cocktail after doesn't mean it will lead to extra, extra things, it is not going to be a honeymoon, i like what i like. okay. i think women can do that in confidence. high five to you. >> if he says no, that's what i am ' trade of. >> you already know in advance by the 1 billion looks over in usual corp. err of the interest, you already know it is a yes. >> what if it is mixed signals. >> i like, people standing over there at independence beer garden looks like off to the right. >> oh, yes. >> am i right? >> yes, really nice. >> yes, yes. beer garden, pop up beer gardens. >> there you go. >> this is where women come and say, ask guys out. >> jen, you have 102nd. >> reporter: women are asking guys out more and more because of like match and tinder and all of that stuff, like picking their guy up off of the phone ya. that wasn't available in the dark ages. so i feel like they are kind of doing the work a little bit. but like do we have to do
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everything quincy? do we have to go to work, have them babies, go back to business, and ask you out? common! >> here is the thing. let me ask you this. how many women, how many women out there, please, tweet, fox 29 philly, how many times have you seen a guy, you likes them, and he didn't ask you out because maybe he was scared, and the opportunity pass in the. >> my point. >> somebody has to manor woman up. >> i don't want to data scarred i cat anyway. i don't want to data scaredy cat anyway. >> i could walk out that door and you could never see me again then the opportunity is gone. >> karen, what's your go to move when you look at a guy, i think it probably should what, three seconds? >> i told but the 32nd look. >> you look at the person for three seconds. >> that's it? >> sure. >> give him the look. ready? >> and you look away. >> that's it? >> well, does it work? i never do does it.
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my friends does it and it works for her. >> this just came into us here. police have made arrest in that wilmington sexual assault case. we've been covering all morning. it happened near the brandywine river on tuesday. there is the guy. police found him. suspect, this is by the way in the area of 14th and king streets. where he was positively identified at 31 year old de quan rodriguez. he's now charged with two counts of rape, robbery, and possession of a deadly weapon. he's awaiting arraignment. so, this is good. they got him. >> eleven past 9:00 on this thursday. >> one of the countries most popular beauty padge cents doing away with a big part of it, some may say the most popular parts, too, swimsuits out, work out clothes in. so swimwear, shown here, in the 2015 broadcast that they had, will no longer and part of the miss teen usa pageant. miss universe organization which hoses the padge end
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announced this move yesterday. it says, in yesterday's society, watching women parade across a stage and in bikinis, you know, today's south. >> right. they just think it is out-dated. >> and instead the women will now be judged on a brand new athletic wear competition. >> this is the one that used to be owned by donald trump, right, miss universe, miss universe still has the bikinis. >> you got your miss teen. sa, miss usa, and your miss universe. all owned by trump until he was dumbed. >> interesting now he's no longer runs it that they're getting red tiff at the teen level. i think particulars ma sense for the teenagers but keeping it for the older women. >> i don't think it was ever a prepare he at for teen girls to be running around in a bikini on stage with high heels. what's the point that far? but wearing athletic wear another way to show off your body still. >> right. some wear their sports brass, show off their stomach, yoga pants. >> another way to show off teenage woman's body.
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what is the point that far? >> well, because they are judging them on beauty, they're in a beauty contest, so some people would say beauty contests are -- shouldn't be judging, you know, on beauty in i weigh. so whole concept is out-dated. >> unless they're trying to promote active lifestyles and healthy lifestyles. that's one way to do it. do you think? all right. >> just a way to get ratings. parade around these little girls in scantly clad things. >> let us know what you think about that one so you can way in and break up our fight, use the hashtag good day. >> you love leslie jones. >> big fan, on saturday night live. very, very fun. >> i and the new ghost busters move. >> i that's right, she is in ghost busker. >> creating a lot of conversation this morning, after she called out some fashion designs ers, real a lot of fashion designers on twitter. basically said she has nothing to wear to the ghost busters premiere. because no designers want to dress her. look at some of these tweets she put out there. see said it is so funny how there are no designers want to
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go help me with a premiere dress for the movie. that will will change, and i remember everything. >> oh, oh,. >> and just minute after that tweet, project runway winner christian, tweeted simple two hands waiving emoji greeting hey over here me, responded yes. then what a difference a tweet makes. put you all on black, you will not get my love later. >> oh. >> christian has dressed everybody from jennifer hudson to carry washington. and has never shyed away from controversy, surge, and likes to get involved. it shouldn't be exceptional to work with brilliant people, just because they're not sample size. congrats. are not in order. a change is. a change is in order. now, see, she's probably -- she is not stick thin like a model certainly. >> ya. >> but no design earn, so talented, not like she doesn't have a loft exposure. she is commercials on tv, on
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saturday night live. no one wanted to dress her? >> ever see the allstate commercial she is doing now in pretty fun. >> i oh, yes, i have. >> do you want me number? >> she is funny. >> i'm going outside. did you hear me? >> why? >> because. >> i've got to call the guy that i've set you up on a date with. >> oh, no. >> i saw the smoke coming up, well, offices are upstairs, i thought fire downstairs, like they must be grilling. >> we're grilling outside. >> listen to this, karen. >> yes? >> i set her up on a date. now, this is a first date. >> yes? >> he's hot. >> is he here? >> he's smart. he's hungy and we'll meet him after the braining. >> he better be all every those things you said. >> i'll call him right now. >> out it dave warren, i want to check the wetter. >> you're calling me right now, flight. >> yes. >> oh, look at you. >> dave war send married. >> remember me, and the three kids, hone? >> hey, the first day i met her i cleared my schedule for my entire life.
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love you dear. humidity way down, look at the dew points, 55, and pleasant but look what happens tomorrow. radar clear. but as the humidity comes back, we will have showers, and storms, in the forecast, on friday clear out, rain to the south sunday. monday the fourth looks pretty good, tuesday, wednesday, clouds return. and we have some rain back in the forecast headed down the shore, nice days today, tomorrow, but it looks like things will really start to warm up here, over the next few days. so, look at those shore temperatures warming up. look at the heat building up tomorrow. that humidity will really start to increase. >> dave, thank you so much. it is time to go around town. and this time, mike wanted to help alex finds a date. take a look. >> are you sure you're all right? >> yes, i'm fine. hey, is this itch any here or
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is it just me? >> oh, i know what's happening. >> i think you have food allergies. >> oh. >> which one? >> the one with the big two over it. >> a loft benadryl. a lot. a lot. >> that's bunch few favorite scenes from the movie hitch. and i've always wanted to go on a date where do you a cooking class with your date. i think it is so much fun. so, i found a place here in philly for this alex around town. the only problem is i need a date. but here is the thing, i need to give a big thank to you mike jerrick. because he said he found a perfect date for me, and he's waiting inside. i have no idea who this person is, i'm will ill excited so i'll go in here and find out who is my date for this alex around town. >> my hair, okay?
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>> ♪ >> so, where's my date? >> right here. >> no, my date. >> no, it is me. oh, it is me. >> you're my date. >> yes. >> oh. seriously? >> meet chef wood. >> so chef wood, we are here where you have these cooking classes, this is a great date idea, right? >> oh, yes, we encourage kind of hands on experience, and it is really a lot of fun. it is about making pasta acceptable. it is easy to access, too, so it is nice. >> it is really cool for a first or second date where you have lots to talk about over the three hours? you're doing something. >> yes, doing something, and then followed by big dinner. you know, so it is a very communal experience. so first date would probably be pretty good because you sit down with everything, and casino every big feast. >> so if they're boring i can talk to other people? so many other people can do this? >> we've had them as big as 30 people. >> yes. >> okay? >> let's get started.
9:19 am
>> ♪ >> and then we find out if we actually like each other. >> yes. >> really? >> so we know this method works. >> wait a minute. >> oh, no? oh, no? are you allergic? >> i'm allergic. >> get the benadryl. get the benadryl. >> alex around town, the dating edition, make sure to check for all of the allergies when you invite your date to russit. >> more for me! >> okay, so, i didn't know, i fell for it, i am totally creeped out. >> i didn't know either. >> he was the date. >> that's totally lame. we need real date, real
9:20 am
person, and mike better be better than that. because that was so disappointing. >> and it was a great class. the next one july 18thment make sure to check it out. it is really cool. i'll have to go back and bring a real date. >> let's try to find some designer clothes for dis prices, for you ladies, local store you need to learn all about. so we put you to the test. play along with us, can you spot the new clothes, or the ones that are what we are calling gently used? we'll be back.
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>> the fourth every july weekend, apparently not, look at that, the local 54 casino workers union leader says tentative deal has been reached, with ceasar's, bally's, and harrah's, averting a strike at three of the five casinos. we still need to keep an eye on the trump taj mahal. and the drop can a because they've not come to an agreement.
9:24 am
we will continue to keep you updated on this, on our website throughout the afternoon, fox29.comment and full report 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00. at least three of the five not going to strike tomorrow. >> deadline will, tomorrow. >> 9:24. >> one dad has discovered a new way to discourage his daughter from posting sexy selfies on line. you know, when you go to snap chat, you see the filth that's everyone does, post the picks, looking all cute. he was like, you know what? i'm going to redo all of these that way you don't want to do it any more. >> so trying team bars her, into stop doing this? here it is. >> chris martin of washington, oh, my gosh. >> oh, lord. >> yes, made a name for himself imitating all 69 selfies on social media. look at these. hilarious. >> he said he noticed she was posting sexy selfies, and stop, you know, i'll mock you, and embarrass you, oh, the bathroom selfie. oh, my gosh. >> he said it work. but he still recreate some of
9:25 am
her photos just because it is fun to do. >> mike, you make fun of me a lot, you seem to think i take a lot of selfies. >> ya? so what did you do. >> i didn't do anything about it. >> but do you think, i mean, you want me to stop? >> you know what i'll do the same darn thing to you. >> ya? >> andy. >> look at this. okay? did you? now, can i just say this? stop it! this flower thing on your head has jumped the shark. >> everyone does it, mike. >> stop it. it is enough. >> but they look great. it shoot-out your skin and stuff. it is a great piece. >> karen, another one, the dog ears and the tongue coming out. enough. we've seen this enough. right, ladies? >> yes. >> in video so great. what i want to see you create when alex was away on vacation, she has her cup of coffee, sitting there looking out over paradise over costa
9:26 am
rica, or belize? >> it was costa rica, uh-huh. >> really? did you do the lip thing again? >> what do you mean? the whole lower lip in television. >> stop it. the way you make it seem -- >> bubble gum -- no. >> he did not just do that. >> no. >> when i was little, ya, we're live, good luck with that. when i was lilly used to be real self conscious of your lip. >> now one of your best at buttes. >> i'll post it on my instagram. vote who did it better. >> butter gum slump in. >> you ready, karen? we'll do quiz. >> yes, i will ' quiz both of you. >> look, we have, what, six women. >> so ladies, this is for you. there is local store you really need to hear about. we'll put you to the test. each of these outfits, one of them is designer, and one of them gently used. can you guess, if they are walking down the street, can
9:27 am
you tell? mike, the male perspective? generally used, brand new, karen, can you tell us, a friend, something has been gently used? >> well, there is a hole in her tights. >> no, there is not. >> no. i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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if america's favorites - (vo)burgers, tacos and chili ask could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out.
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with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. you know, i love when we do little games. we do love to play games, mike. but there is nothing like getting a compliment at an outfit you got at a discount. that is best part and no one can tell. do you think you can tell difference between clothes that are new and clothes that are new to you. >> um-hmm. >> well, carroll is owner of style encore, retail store in exton to give us a new look to
9:31 am
test our knowledge. this is retail. people come in, they bring their clothes gently used, and you give cash right on the spot. >> yes. >> with it you make sure you have latest styles, you don't want people bringing in something old. >> we try to stay current, year to two years. >> so current that carroll believes you won't be able to tell difference between what is new and not. >> yes. >> we have karen and mike here, hello. >> let's put this to the the test. >> wearing outfit and unsure, you want to know fit is man approved and sometimes girls can be worst critics. >> yes. >> i get the concept. >> i'm just saying. >> a and b, we will have the option, guys. >> yes. >> i will walk up and which one is gently used and which one is new. >> standing side by side. >> these are all from your store, carroll. >> pardon me. >> yes. >> yes. >> go over here. >> okay. do you want to describe the two at first. >> well, yes, olivia is
9:32 am
wearing, they are both wearing business casual outfits to go out at night, and olivia has a black market dress on. it is accessory, we have a louie vouton bag with her. >> fancy. >> and julie, she's wearing ann taylor dress, and, she's got a burberry scarves and michael kohrs shoes. >> we will start with you, mike, which one is gently used. which outfit. >> i will go a. >> you are right. >> yes, okay. >> yes. >> how much would we save on some of these looks, about $588. >> wow. >> what? >> wow. >> louie vouton and burberry. >> scarves, shoes. >> fabulous. >> thank you very much, ladies. that is the great thing. you can get designer stuff at retail stores, do you know the
9:33 am
difference. >> here's the flaw in this game, we just proved that you can tell the difference. >> listen, the game is not over yet. >> you know why it is based on the scarves and the bag that she was carrying i thought were expensive enough you would want to get it used, so i had some strategic thinking. i'm thinking of prices. >> yes. >> yes. >> so explain what we have here. >> so, this look is athletic, and it is abby, and ar thea. so they are both wearing lulu lemon which vice popular. >> yes. >> karen, we will start with you you. >> which one is gently used. >> they are both lulu lemon and you are throwing in the bags. >> she has a coach bag. >> that would make me go with the coach bag because you might be selling that one as opposed to the other one but both look fabulous. >> i will get b. >> i will go b as well. >> yes. you are right. >> look at her.
9:34 am
i'm making my decision. >> karen has too good a strategy. >> no, b is gently used. >> yes, yes. >> okay. >> okay. thank you so much, ladies. we have business casual and then we have done our work out look, right. >> yes. >> what are we doing now. >> this is summer daytime fun. >> so explain these looks. >> so rachel and megan, is wearing rompers and they both have michael kohrs bags. >> yes. >> all right. >> and they have the shoes. >> nude shoes are very much in. >> yes. >> and they have a floral jump suit would you call it. >> rachel is wearing a romper, megan has a dress on. >> okay. >> there is very nice, we will start with you, which one are you thinking. >> gently used is b. >> owe kay. >> all right.
9:35 am
>> i will go with the bag i'm checking out bags because the baggies one of the things where, you know,. >> you are serious. >> but i think they look great. bags are great shoes are great and outfits are great so would i totally shop there, where in exton. >> yes. >> town center. >> how long have have you you been there. >> we have been there since may but we have a sister store, platto's closet been there eight years. >> i have the same question that karen hepp had earlier, how much money would you save right here. >> this outfit would you save $514. >> wow, that is the real winner. >> the athletic wear lulu problem on is $310. >> my goodness. >> what a great deal. thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> yes. >> i can't tell the difference. you guys are really good at this. >> it is because we are so fashionable. >> oh, yeah, right, karen and i, and the question is, do you want to meet a suffice kate
9:36 am
his name is bob kelly. >> oh, yes. >> each and every week he checks to see if pancakes are still round. >> good morning, bob. >> good morning, everybody. we have a busy holiday weekend. i have the whole family here. who is bringing the burgers, who is bringing the snacks, it is a big holiday weekend what other mace to start it off then here in conshohocken, breakfast with me and the gang when we come right back.
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time for breakfast with bob and bob kelly is out in conshohocken week. hey bob, where are you, what is going on? >> we are in a hot spot, i'm telling you, we're right on the corner of fourth and feyyet, good morning,
9:40 am
conshohocken. you may remember this place, as the 401 diner, back in the day but right now it is pudge's from blue bell, this is their new spot you have been here what three years. >> two years, in july. >> before we have breakfast, come on back here, tell me about this challenge, how does this work. >> challenge works, where we have one large cheese stake, one tray of fries which is four orders of frenchfries, one large soda and if you can do it within 30 minutes, jackpot is now up to $200, dessert and your food for free. >> who wants to do a challenge with me. >> they don't seem too excited. >> pudge's right here at the corner of fourth and fey yet, in conshohocken, everybody give a wave to the ladies, they have been line up here, watching, look at this whole family, they are getting ready for the fourth of july holiday. if you are coming down to the festivities here in
9:41 am
conshohocken, this is the spot, look at the windows, you can come in here early, get a window seat, hi, honey, how are you, are you here for fire works on monday. >> she's up bright and early here, but they have windows right here on the corner, bill, come on back here. bill is a chef. here's how it works, 401 diner, you have been here for 25 years. >> my family owned it for 50 years. >> you were in the kitchen, cook. >> yes. >> in came folks from pudge's and here we are doing breakfast, full circle. >> full circle. >> come on back here. take a look at menu items. i will start with this one because my dad made this for me on sunday. >> yes. >> what do we have here. >> creamed chipped beef. >> my dad called it something different. >> what do we have here. >> that is one of our signature omelettes, pudge am let, cheese stake, fried onions and hot peppers. >> is that a cheese stake in there. >> yes. >> these are pancakes, family recipe of mine, came over from germany in the the 20's, only
9:42 am
a couple people alive who have recipe and i will not tell you. >> if you tell me you have to kill maine good exactly right. >> that is a veggie omelette. very popular. it has spinach, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, provolone cheese. >> now how i got a hold of this group is that stephanie and her sister here, met steve keeley down the shore, jumped in his news van and said you've got the to have bob kelly, and is what the deal for the holiday. >> we have fire works, on sunday, and then soap box derby on monday. >> a open box derby right here on feyyet street in conshohocken. this is spot to be if you are not going to the shore and city, if you'd like me to come to your favorite spot, all you have to do is send me a message on facebook and twitter and i will come to your spot, next thursday morning. from all of us in conshohocken, back to you guys in the studio. >> bob kelly, i have a question for you guys, real quickly. >> yes. >> some people call it
9:43 am
pudgey's, so what should i say when i say, is it pudge's or pudgey. >> is it pudgey, pudge. >> i say pudge's. >> she said pudge's. >> you say true name is pudge. >> pudge. >> stay with it me. >> pudge. >> pudge. >> it is pudge. >> pudge. >> sounds good. >> everybody at home, get up to your tv and say pudge. >> pudge. >> all right. >> say it, pudge. >> pudge. >> we are learning so much about grilling, i'm happy with you because -- >> doughnuts it is the kids message. >> peaches, water melon, other things to put on your grill other than hot dogs, hamburgers. >> after the break. >> yes. we will be right back after the break
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looking at the suburbs of washington tc, we have a bad situation, this is andrews air force base, of course, air force one, the president around the base in an cruz air force base. they are in lock down, alex. >> this is a report of the active shooter. tweet said instruct all personnel at the base in washington maryland suburbs to shelter in place, now, checking twitter feed of our fox five station in d.c. and they say that they have a statement from the base that we have report of the real world active shooter.
9:47 am
call occurred during an exercise. report came in as real active shooter we have to respond a cordingly. we are treating as if it is and in other information. >> they said that the medical facility on the grounds of andrews. >> they did, they say this is at malcolm grove medical facility, and first responders are on the scene. >> okay. >> and it was about 13 minutes ago when that was tweeted out. >> over a year ago they had a shooter at navy yard and another at the navy yard, and main part of washington d.c., and across the river in maryland. >> we will stay on that at 9:47. we all heard, you can grill deserts, right? we have done grilling, many times on the show, including fruits, vegetables, deserts. i have never seen this. grilling a doughnut. >> grilled doughnuts. >> i like the sound of that. >> what is the point of this. >> i want to you know, that andrew is here as well.
9:48 am
you are on tv, whatever it may be. >> we might get them on tv. >> you guys have a great look, by williamsonoma so you have to know what you are talking about. >> same recipe we did before is in there. >> okay. here's what you said, all of this nonsense, and you kind of taken the nonsense out of this equation. >> one of the main lessons in here is any prep you have to do, do it all at ones in your kitchen so you do not have to run back and forth. get it done put it on a tray and then you are just grilling, putting sauce on at the end and that is it. >> let's show people what you are doing. so you have these doughnuts. >> yes, there is so much more you can grill other than stake so we are doing dessert items now from the book. we have peaches. so these peaches, we will serve with carmel sauce but to grill them all you do is put oil on them. put some oil on them. >> toys alely after they are
9:49 am
done. no, the oil will help browning. they will not taste oily. >> so they go to the grill. water melon you can also grill. water melon is also 90 percent the water. so what happens is when water steams it burst itself apart and cells collapsed and water melon gets compact, and that is like a stake like a soft stake. this is the best thing, this is grilled smores doughnut, so what we have here is melted marshmallow inside these grazed doughnuts, and we will just grill these glazed doughnuts. the reason we are doing that is carmel icing and melts and browns and then it gets this crackling crust on top. and marshmallow melts and we will serve that with the chocolate sauce for dunking. >> show me this over here. how many times can we flip the doughnut. >> just until it is brown. the doughnut is nice and brown. thinks our chocolate sauce which is cocoa powder. >> brown sugar. >> yes. >> make it look like this.
9:50 am
>> yes, you are dog food styling now, you got it. that is too awesome not to eat. >> yes, that is what i would do. >> the dunkin'. >> thank you for coming. >> thank you. i appreciate you being here, come back don't be a stranger. back to you in the studio. >> is there anything better than that fourth of july you will be hanging out, grill that. >> that is good. >> all right. >> amazing. >> i have never seen it. >> yes, extra for that one. >> we were playing a sound bite from our sister station in d.c. >> they are saying that the department of tea fence has confirmed there is an active shooter situation right now at the base, at andrews air force base. >> yes. >> just outside of washington d.c. and reason that is a a live shot right there. this is from our fox five helicopter in washington d.c., again, andrews air force basis based in the state of maryland, just miles away from the white house and normally what happens is the president
9:51 am
will get on marine one helicopter and fly not far at all over to andrews air force base. i don't know if the president is in d.c., let's check on that. >> that last like that is air force one plane out there on the tarmac. so they initially had a drill scheduled which makes this a little bit more confuse ago this they had a drill they were going through and practicing and they sent out this tweet saying this is a real world situation that is occurring right now, not something that is a drill. >> or possibility that somebody got confused and didn't get memo that they are having a drill and they thought it was real but it does seem like it is real if the defense department is confirming they have a active shooter there. >> all right. 9:51. we have nine in other minutes before wendy williams. come on back. [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems.
9:55 am
all right. 9:55. lets get back down to washington d.c. area, that is andrews air force base, our fox five helicopter, has been asked to stay miles and miles away from this active shooter situation. it is holding there now. we have a pretty decent shot of the area. >> so there were reports of the active shooter incident on the base at medical facility, malcolm grove medical facility, and started around 9:00 this morning but thing is they were scheduled to have an active shooter exercise and this is just from a statement just from joint base andrews on the facebook page. they say because reports of the real world active shooter, they are going to treat it as if it is a serious situation real situation, just in case. >> home land security secretary just weighed in jay johnson he says yeah, unfolding situation at andrews air force base, our sister
9:56 am
station is fox 5wttg. >> as you would assume would happen in the situation like this if perhaps shots were fired or large number of people were in yep difficult or there was a grave situation at hand. >> this is live picture of the front gate there and actually it doesn't look as bad as i would have anticipated but obviously no one coming in or out of that gate as the basis on lock down but you can see, traffic a long, you know road outside gate is moving a little bit slow but of course, it is late in the morning, so, i'm trying to figure out what is the name, which gate is that? do we know. >> i have never been to the base i'm not sure but you are telling me that is not regular street traffic that is traffic in front of the base so we have had at that point or is that regular street traffic that is moving right in front of the gate. >> i'm not familiar, i simply don't know. >> i think that would have to
9:57 am
be regular street traffic, right? >> it is not going in to the base. >> you can only assume lending to what we are hearing it may not be. >> right. >> the top of the screen we did what looked like a couple police vehicles pulling in there. >> yes. >> yes. >> suitland. >> it looks like a prince georges county police vehicles and other emergency vehicles pulling in there. >> so we are seeing other jurisdictions coming through there. >> so we have to go off the air here. the president, as we said return from canada last night. >> he is in the area. >> here's what is odd there was an active drill, a drill scheduled for 9:00 o'clock and then a report of the active shooter comes in at 9:00 o'clock. did somebody not get a memo that they were doing a drill. >> commanders are reporting that no active shooter are located but they are continuing search and keeping an abundance of lock down. >> that would be embarrassing if that is the case.
9:58 am
we will follow it right now at fox >> fox
9:59 am
10:00 am
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